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Spirit's first Mössbauer spectrum Opportunity's first Mössbauer spectrum

Mössbauer Spectroscopy on Mars!

Most valuable Mössbauer spectra on Earth:

Spirit's first Mössbauer spectrumOpportunities first Mössbauer spectrum
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    The discovery of strong evidence that Mars was once awash in potentially life-supporting water has been named as the Breakthrough of the Year by the journal Science and its publisher, AAAS, the nonprofit science society (see [1,2]).
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[1] J. S. Kargel, Proof for Water, Hints of Life?, Science 306 (2004), 1689
[2] G. Klingelhöfer et al., Jarosite and Hematite at Meridiani Planum from Opportunity's Mössbauer Spectrometer, Science 306 (2004), 1740

Last update: 07.01.2005