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Remnants of a Bronze Age Rampart in Upper Bavaria: A Mössbauer Study

R. Gebhard
Archäologische Staatssammlung, 80535 München, Germany

R. Bott, N. Distler, F. E. Wagner, U. Wagner
Physik-Department E15, Technische Universität München, 85747 Garching, Germany

J. Michàlek
Muzeum Stredniha Pootavi, CZ 38611 Strakonice, Cech Republic

J. Riederer
Rathgen-Forschungslabor, Schloß-Str. 1a, 14059 Berlin, Germany

We present an overview on an extended study of Celtic ceramics from the oppidum of Manching and from some contemporary Celtic sites. The results of neutron activation analysis, thin section microscopy and Mössbauer spectroscopy are combined with the existing detailed archaeological typology to provide information on the provenance of Celtic pottery and on details of its production. The data indicate that there was only very limited exchange of material but far reaching transfer of technology.

Celtic oppidum of Manching, analysis of artefacts, provenance, distribution, production

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Last update: 01.01.2005