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Huaca Sialupe
A 1000-year old workshop of the Middle Sicán culture was excavated in 1999 at Huaca Sialupe on the north coast of Peru. Several kilns, numerous molds, and other evidence of intense pottery making were found. Close by were a number of large urns placed with the upper rim into the ground. Some tools of metal working were also recovered. See pictures of black ware.
Main kiln siteKiln lainingKiln buildingUrn
Batán Grande
On the invitation of Professor Izumi Shimada, one of us (URW) spent a week in Peru in 1998 to participate in a field firing experiment in an authentic kiln in the Batán Grande Archaeological Park. Replica pottery was produced by José Sosa, a local potter from Piura. He conducted four testfirings in a reducing kiln atmosphere. The field firings were carefully monitored with a number of thermocouples embedded in balls of local clays which were later studied by Mössbauer spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction.
Main kiln siteKiln lainingloading vessels into kilnReducing firing
Jose SosaStirrup vesselsKosuke ShimonoProf. Shimada
Presentation on Formative replica ceramics
Presentation on black ceramics

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